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Join us this Spring for WOW 2013!
Symposium - Friday, April 12 in the Multipurpose Room
- Saturday, April 13 on the TTU Campus

Window on the World is an international festival celebrating cultural diversity and global harmony. All participants are invited to share in learning and caring about our Earth and its people.
WOW is funded primarily by Center Stage and sponsored by the Globalization Committee of the College of Business, with special grants from Sam's Club and Walmart.
The teacher workshops are also free and open to the public. The purpose is to give teachers examples of how to incorporate multicultural activities in the classroom. Click here for more information.
2013 STEERING COMMITTEE The 15th Annual WOW Steering Committee includes:
Front Row: Leila Gibson - 2nd Row: Erin Gaw, Krysta Wallington - 3rd Row: Mark Groundland, Ada Haynes, Kaitlyn Salyer, Lisa Luck - 4th Row: Colleen Hays - Back Row: Robert Owens, Melissa Creek, Jacob Kelley
Not Pictured - George Chitiyo & Michelle Huddleston

This committee has been setup as a team of professors and students who publisize, brainstorm and do the legwork necessary to make WOW a successful event.
Photo by Melissa Scott.